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Jonestown Tea Lyrics

Otep – Jonestown Tea Lyrics

from album: Sevas Tra (2002)
Jonestown Tea

And it sounds like... Armageddon
Sounds like... Armageddon
Sounds like... C** and drink with me....
C** and drink with me

And I remember him fucking me,
And I remember liking it,
I didn't know any better...

And I remember the smell, and the pain, and the shame...
And I remember being afraid and thinking everyday,
Every single day.. That it was my fault...

Oh, but what happened to that little girl?
Who used to dream of one day ruling the world,
Who used to draw pretty pictures in my room---beneath the moon
Destroying to create
Softly praying to "God"

What do I do now?
What do I do now?

As I secretely masturbate...
But then I'd hear his hooves coming down the floor
With a Bible in his hand...

Softly opening my door and he'd say...

Daughter! The day of your attonement is due!
Well there's 3 million sinners out there...
And that includes you!

No daddy, don't... No daddy, don't...
Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Leave me alone!
No, I don't want to be free! No, I don't want to be free!
So take your dick out of me!
Please take your dick out of me! Please take your dick out of me! Please take
Your dick out of me!

I'm bleeding, it's not fair...

You see, there's this little place I like to go...
I like to run and hide--deep inside,
Where all the nightmares are real, and all the monsters come alive,
Oh, but the things I've seen in soft, soft visions and terrifying prophecies,
Like serpents on the take and gods coming in all sizes and shapes
Nothing seems fulfilling anymore..

Well your temples are swollen in deceit and the body of your missionary,

He's rotting... Rotting in defeat mama?

Are the aliens coming to take us away? (mama?)
Is armageddon gonna happen again today?

Look what he did to me! Why did you do it to me?!
How could you do it to me! Why did you do it to me?!

I will not cry... I will not cry...
I--Prefer--To--Die! Than live--this life--of lies!

Kill what you can ---- challenge everything
Vengeance is mine...

Hey, I'm sorry baby...
Please come back inside... We can laugh a little... And live and die,
No wait. See, I got this hot pot of jonestown tea
And it's been brewing for you and me,
Oh, it only takes one sip,
Come on baby,
Surrender your lips,
I can take you someplace nice...
I can take you... Someplace nice!

Breed my disease, be my disease...
Breed my disease, be my disease...
And vengeance will be mine
It's closer than you think...

So I entered his room at 32 past noon
With my little ritual knife...
I cut out his tounge
Liberated his wife
She loved me for it other world woman,

Well, that's what she called me (Destroyer),
The one who sets you free, (c** and drink with me)

We all die like cartoons, surrender your children,
Kids who like to kill, lies... All lies....
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