This is the place
Of eternity
This ainґt the grace
The moon is shining thee

Watching the twilight
Embracing the forest
Hands of a guardian
Awaiting, awaiting the sign

Here are times of my life
Meanings sins my disguised
Before the autumn comes to might
And my darkest prays arise

And the devil stands around me
By the spirits of the gloom
Iґm the whisper in your silent dreams
Feel the magic of my moon

Itґs when the autumn comes to might
Death bell begins to chime
Itґs when the autumn comes to might
Flowing tears from your eyes

Without resource
It seems the life is leaving you
Never before us
Came the dark embracing you

This art of wonders
It comes to bind me
By chains of the sorrows
Imprisoned, imprisoned in dark

Dark side of life,
She was dark side of life in my tragedy.
Silenceґs my name
So silent as whisper accordingly

Die, die
Itґs end of life
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When Autumn Comes Lyrics

Orkrist – When Autumn Comes Lyrics