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Glamdring Lyrics

Orkrist – Glamdring Lyrics

In fairy-taleish recesses enshrounded by the mystery
He always came like prophecy of undesired happening
Emblazoned by narratives, dark spells and wonders flesh-creeping
The Glamdring flares in victories, of middle earth supremacy

Streaks and flashlights swish the leaden skies
(Against the) conquest of evil, arising in the night

The land got black by dragon-flames and color of their blood
By rolling battles in the east, two towers in the clouds
In corners of eternal dark the spiders spin their web
The dwarfish songs thrust through strong walls, Balin's king of this land

The dreams of pride and victory
Should win upon my dismal grief
The sky gets clouder below dark wings
Break through the way for recent king of the Land

And the air is full of darkness...
In Morgul breaks the wind

This is the light of my belief
Should protect me in my dreams
The eye's still searchnig, searching for me (black rock prophecy)

Visions of glory
Feather away and away from me
I Fear and worry
The end is getting near to me

Dance, dance
As you and I stand on the side of light
Dance, dance
Let vanish them in night

Dance, daaaaaaaaaaance

Oh, Elbereth, Gilthoniel,
Sainted thy names
Against seeds of evil,
Against lord of flames
The abyss beetween us,
You can not trespass
Fall with me in deepest
Segments of Moria so dark...
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