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Just The Fax Lyrics

One Session – Just The Fax Lyrics

Yo, ya ya-ya-yo
C'mon, yeah
One Session y'all
Hmmm, yo

All around the globe cold chillin
A bloody mary in my hand so I can repress the feelin
I'm on the mic again and of course my sweat's spillin
I'm feelin like I need a break from all the mic killin
Beef I just bought a hundred fifty pounds
'Bout to break it out, sizzle up the grounds
And get heavy, so get ready doggy
We's about to eat good on the block one time y'know
Yo, track dedicated to the true fam
Puttin money in my hands, just give 'em the facts
And keep bringin the heat, D-Ball, full throttle
Got love if you got love for me (c'mon)
From the West to the East, the North to South streets
Who else but O. S. Be supplyin the beats
On the way to V. A. My main trip to punish
All the people that be blockin my flow, so
Show 'em just the facts and make 'em regular believe this
And I could really give a fuck at some procedures
I be the D-Ball, back to come see y'all
One Session's holdin the key to come free y'all
Now I'ma c*** it and facilitate
And hold it down for the love of the one, yo yo yo
Now I'ma c*** it and facilitate
And put it down for the love of the one, one one one
Say one
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