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I Need You Lyrics

One Session – I Need You Lyrics

(Son let me break it down)
Bobby B Presents, One Session
"I, need, you..."
Be on the lookout for that album, "The Family Jewels"
"I, need, you..."
This is "The Hidden Treasures Volume 1"
"I, need, you..."
Let's go

[Verse 1:]
First in the studio, last to leave
Compose somethin so beautiful to grab the streets
And put the hood on my back for the love of the art
It's like a movie for the culture and I'm playin my part
This is more than a song for people to dance to
There's a message in the song that's sayin I need you
Like a kick need a snare and a couple, need a pair
You the life of the party and life, needs air
So I breathe through you, speak to you, eat shit and sleep to you
Only the finest of breaks before I do you
No quickies on a pen when my patience wear thin
I re-up with my breddern, and write it again
We the truth, the "Treasures" in a precious recording
"The Family Jewels" is the answer to what's more important
I need you

"I need you"
(Yeah yeah yeah son let me break it down for you)
"I, need, you..." "I need you"
"I, need, you..." "I need you"
(Yeah yeah yeah)

[Verse 2:]
Yo, uh-huh
Aiyyo these cats must be kiddin, truth is now risen
Dough in the position turn stones on every mission
I found out what's missin, listen it's you
Come through the Session, greet it with real love
Family, open arms, pounds and hugs
Leave that shit at the door cause it was what it was
Guess your vision must be cloudy you been ridin the bud
Paintin pictures with your images, graffiti walls and benches
In spots of recognition, part of what the mission is
Rap artists regardless of what your digits is
Here to exploit and expose your rap businesses
Shifty management, gangster record labels
The scene is saturated and your team is unstable
And eclipse to you lightweight cats, handlin that
The fact is we robbin you of platinum plaques
Hey yo I'm tryin to bring the neighborhood back, get up on that
And roll with the voice on the track

"I need you"
(Yeah yeah yeah son let me break it down for you)
"I, need, you..." "I need you"
"I, need, you..." "I need you"
"I, need, you..."
(Yeah yeah yeah son let me break it down)
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