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Who Am I Lyrics

One King Down – Who Am I Lyrics

Merit less intoxication straight edge, my liberation i sever all ties from poison and greed
Placing distance between me and that wich i don't need proud to be who i am i make this choice
For me and no other human i live this way for myself i hold to my own values and no one else's
But to be addicted to the edge is to be all that we've fought against to become that what we
Most despise vain pride will only lead to our demise don't be as guilty as they of suffering
From dependency don't lack compassion when you judge and pass sentence be an asset to positive
Change not a menace the ignorant displays of our views only make us as guilty as those who we
Accuse it's sad to see so many embrace these ways intollerance only causes pain i stand strong
I've built my own edge my pride is firmly planted in solid ground not on a false edge i've seen
The way through other's past mistakes i'll keep a clear head in deciding what path it is that
I should take all this pious justice is just a faillure's trend unwarrented aggression solves
Nothing in the end i'll cast no stones on those who live a different way i'm confident and
Secure enough not to fear diversity my interest doesn't lie in what's in your glass i'm only
Concerned with what's in your heart what's in your heart are you for real are you cold and
Lifeless or do you feel do you have emotion or are you fake do you live your life for you or
Is it based on false hate choose drugs free for you be proud but let the others be
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