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Forever Your Enemy Lyrics

One King Down – Forever Your Enemy Lyrics

Controlled by our world - be leaders leash holders they meddle with every aspect of ou
Idialy lives conditioned for silent servitude we live out our lives confined to a cell to
Possess a shred of individuality is seen as a threath to their machine instead of nurturing
Instead of fostering our growth we force a collar around our necks taught that this is right
By ou "betters" all we can do is wonder as we live out our lives on the end of a leash forced
To bend ourselves to their will to grovel at their feet to answer their commands to live out
Our lives on a leash we are broken serving on bended knee vying for their attention to live
Out our lives on a leash I've never been much for serving I've a will that was always stronger
And now I've she'd their yoke i'll be your slave no longer i'll break out of your collection
Of helpless possesions i'll fight against a world of your evil intentions I refuse to play
The part that you've designed for me with you i'll wage my war forever your enemy fire in my
Blood alive with a fury with hands cut free forever your enemy your plan for me of quiet
Service has failled I see through the cracks in the walls that you've tried to construct i'll
Make my transformation from quiet captive to contempt driven foe i'll wage my war with a
Fervor unmatched open for all to see i'll tear down false idiols constructed for me and as big
Brother watches with my dying breath i'll spit in his face unleashed and transformed forever
Your enemy
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