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Scatter Brain Lyrics

Omar LinX – Scatter Brain Lyrics

I'm trying to understand, but I don't want to go
I just want to breath, I thought I'd let them know
I want to turn off for a little bit
Not a long time, just a little bit
Let me burn out like a cigarette
Let it die down, I can live with it
It's so unreal, so innocent
They're saying I changed, I could give a shit
I could care less, that's the real truth
Just trying to live my life, nobody asked you
Or you could tag along, but don't have to
So how to rope you in with no lasso
What you're brand new? I'm the old boy
The big cheese, tell 'em no soy
Tell 'em you're sorry, the motherfucker that made
Something from nothing, now look at me so coy
So ill, I'm telling you I'm not well
(I'm telling you I'm not well) I'm telling you it ain't fine
(I'm telling you it ain't fine) You're saying that I'm wrong
And you knew it all along, well I've been saying that the whole time
(Saying that the whole time) The fuck are you doing here?
Take a trip, never mind the souvenir
In the clear waiting for a new year
Between me and you this shit is getting weird
Now I'm looking through my phone
(looking through my phone) I've been getting in my zone
(getting in my zone) Think I'm probably good to go
'cause I didn't even know I was sitting here alone
(sitting here alone) I am all that is left
(all that is left) This is all in my head
(all in my head) I have lost it again
Already tripped, I am on to the next
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