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Who Are You To Judge Lyrics

Omar LinX – Who Are You To Judge Lyrics

[Hook: Omar Linx]
Maybe we fucked up
Maybe we're not right
Maybe it's our fault
But baby it's our life
And we did it our way
So who the fuck are you to judge


[Verse 1: Omar Linx]
A lot people tell me fucked up shit
Like we some fucked up kids
Can't remember half the night or what the fuck we did
Once that bender keeps on well
That's the stuff I live
Should I say it out loud
That's the rut I'm in
Well that’s the after party after the after party
Once them blinds go down and you have to party
Once this broad gets to pouring my drinks
I know she scheming, but I leave it
Best believe I know more than she think
We just hitting them lows
And trying to get by
Seems I make another drink for every star in the sky
You can bottle all your problems away
Put a cork in the pain
Cause on the real I ain't got much to say
Hold me down for another round
Drink em like I lost count
Until I'm circling my house
Like I'm locked out
It's up to you let the soda decide
I say we these horses up
And keep this party alive


[Verse 2: Omar Linx]
Don't know where to take it now
All these clowns are fading out, acting like they've had enough
They telling me to wait a while
Enough to bring the hater out, but I'll be calm as any storm
Right before the thunder hit
Whatever's left is better gone
It's your decision, do or die
Call it party suicide, Light me up a cigarette
Bring it back to you and I
For every time I feel alone
For everything I'll never know
I make this shit up as I go
There's nothing here that's set in stone
Step into my zone
Look into my soul
Medicated up, fuck I'm sicker than you know
Liquor by the 60, Who fuckin' with me?
Let me show these frat boys, Flip cup with whiskey
I'll be on my feet until the bitter end
Will fight and laugh and make amends
The time will pass
And they'll be back, The party lights go dim again

Am I the only one that's having fun
Tequila shots outta this loaded gun
I'm trying to party hard, that's my mistake
If you ain't outta hand, you outta place
So move aside cause I can sit alone
I'll do this till I'm dead and gone
My only problems getting home

[Hook x2]

[Omar Linx talking]
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