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Kill Move Lyrics

Omar LinX – Kill Move Lyrics

[Captain Hook: Intro]

I want my war!
Kill em all

[Verse 1: Omar LinX]

And yeah I see the bling, see the change
But I don't see no change
Something gotta give in this game, I gotta be the bang
See the game, meet the fam, I feel like Peter Pan
Fly us in the crew with the do [?], I gotta be the man
High voltage, open ya eyes, we some high rollers
Live poets [?], gamble with lives to win your mind over
My motives never change, I'm focused every day
Y'all must be out of your mind to try to threaten me
Who I am, loc [?] with a Linx
It's either do or die
Suicide over the bridge, I call it foolish pride
Lifes a trap full of vipers and rats
They don't think when they flinch to put that knife in your back
So whether I'm sipping on Cognac, or spitting that con rap [?]
I'm sicker in combat, you sick as a mon[?]
That I will, will never fall off, I'm ahead of the boss
Ahead of the head and added to any, I will add em all off [?]

Chorus (x2):

Cos its kill move drill through
Yes, Sir! Will do!
They can try their best you can, but you will still lose

[Verse 2: Omar LinX]
I'm been forsaking no patience, its amazing [?]
They got them shaking out their laces, till they praying to God
Now the atheists are laying dead, the favor is gone
And all favor I have majored, you are basically done
I play the frontline, you front like you done time
Be done with your dumb rhymes, you lie and you bug cos you unsigned
But so am I, but I don't need to be a known fly
Labels gonna be coming to me if I just focus right
Specialist, over the top, am I the exorcist?
Taking all you devils to war, don't even question it
The cops wanna arrest a kid, just beat the settlement
Told my Jewish lawyer the fucked with the wrong Mexican
Writer with the EpiPen, flowing out adrenaline
The moment's now, the time is right, I'm stronger than I ever been
The whole plan ready, its a fight to the end
So never fall and stand tall and stop you right where you stand

Chorus (x2)

You will not box me, you cannot stop me now
This is really happening, fuck you ahaha
This is good
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