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Wishing Well Lyrics

Omar LinX – Wishing Well Lyrics

If they only knew my wish (x9)

[Verse 1]
Yeah (ah)
I leave my thoughts on the track
Like there is no turning back
And if you knew then you would say it's me you know for a fact
I leave my mark on the world and save my heart for the heavens
Chin up, head high, never lower your weapon
And although I sin, I would never repent
The struggle never hold me, it rather judge me, never try ever to get to know me
Oh what a world that they trap us in, they let that debt stack up then they back us in
So please God, please God just gimme the strength
Cos if its food for the ladder(?) who gon pay for the rent
Who gon grab my hand when I reach for the stars
Cos it take more than a man for you to see who you are

But the question what I do, how I feel, what I write
It takes a dream in a day to help sleep through the night
So I'm heading to the wishing well, wish me well
I gotta pocket full of change, yeah I go if they only knew my wish

If they only knew my wish(x13)

[Verse 2]
So I'm staring at the window, looking on at the cityscape
I think of life and when will luck show a pretty face
I can't escape, can't get away from the day to day
I hate to say, I pray for the day the shit will change
There's no regrets, just a game of roulette
Just a million dollar dream on the way to the bets
If they only knew the boy and what it meant to the kid
Then I hope they would listen, all I would mention is this
I wish to be happy, I wish I never missed being happy
I wish I could take this gift and make this history happen
I wish for money in the bank, I wish for keys to the caddy
I wish family strength, I wish my niece had a daddy
I'm in a storm, yeah let it rain, no I'm not afraid
Let it pour, let it change, let alter the pain
There's no genie in the bottle, only Chardy (Chardonnay?) in the bottle

If they only knew my problem, if they, if they only knew my wish
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