Thru faith all things come to life.
Faith is the channel of God's light.
Take a leap of faith and invite magic & God's miracles into your life.
Verse 1
Build your dreams with me 'Ђ" step by step, brick by brick
Have faith in me, I'll give you everything you crave
Share your fears with me, I will make them disappear
All is possible, all is possible with a Leap of Faith

Take a Leap of Faith, take a Leap of Faith
Into the Land of light, love and magic
Take a Leap of Faith!

Verse 2
Spread my word of Love; touch your neighbor's heart
Make this day a brighter day and this night a warmer night
Make this world a better place, so we all live in peace, with love
I want you to know, you are greatly loved!
Take a breath with me; I will dry your tears
I'll turn them into oceans and sparkle them with rainbows
So you know my love. So you know God's love,
I'll turn them into diamonds and decorate the Heavens
So you know my love. So you know God's love,
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Take A Leap Of Faith Lyrics

Oksana Angel – Take A Leap Of Faith Lyrics