We journey thru all the dimensions (of the Universe)
Hoping to change the world we live in
But at the end of our destination
We come to find we are to change within!

Chorus: This is my Saga of Love, I leave to you and to the world
With all my light I sign this scripture, the very fabric of my life
The Story of Life I give to you, Saga of Love I sing to you
The Battle for love I win for You and for Eternal Soul/Throne

Before I searched for fame and glory, for fun and wealth, for mundane things...
But at the end just to discover none of those things satisfied my soul
I found Truth in loving you, so deeply and so selflessly
The utmost joy of my Eternal Being is shining light upon the One I love.
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Saga Of Love Lyrics

Oksana Angel – Saga Of Love Lyrics