I am not really sure just why
You chose to say, "good-bye."
You know I am a jealous man

And I never meant to shove;
Only to fill your heart with Love
Now I'm holding on the best I can

Still, as the days drag by
Sometimes I sit and cry
I miss you so much, it burns inside

I pray you soon will see
That your love was meant for me
And that you'll forget your foolish pride... I want you to


Take your time, to take me back!
I know that I am an impatient man
But that's no way for me to act

And I don't want you to tell me that ya love me
Until you know that it's a fact
So take your tme... Just take me back!

I have said many hurtful things
That you know I didn't mean
I've been a cruel and hateful, foolish guy

And though it may take a while
I'm sure I'll make you smile
If you just give us, another try!

Repeat [Chorus:]

*Last line after chorus... "Take your time... Just Hurry Back!
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Take Your Time (Just Take Me Back) Lyrics

Ohiocrowman – Take Your Time (Just Take Me Back) Lyrics