The April sky is dark, with moody clouds of gray
I've got to pick up my guitar because it's high-time to play
I know this rain is gonna' help me rock my blues away!

See, my lady said, "good-bye," and my heart wears a frown
I don't want to let the people know that I feel like a clown,
So turn my amplifier up, it's time to rock this pain Down!

[Chorus:] I said, Let's Rock the Rain Down!
Let's rock the rain down!
Rock the Rain down!
Rock it down! (repeat w/variation)

Who knows why Love has to hurt, and cause me all this pain,
My heart continues to be broken time and time and time again!
I know the sky is crying when it pours down the rain.

And if I play the Blues, no doubt, my tears will fall!
My heart is tired of weeping, and I've got to stand tall!
Still, I've got to rock this pain down, come-on & rock with me Ya'll!

(Repeat Chorus)
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Rock The Rain Down Lyrics

Ohiocrowman – Rock The Rain Down Lyrics