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Live From The 3 Lyrics

OG Maco – Live From The 3 Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It’s some sheisty ass niggas where I come from
Holding that 49, hundred blunts
Piano bar, I seen a nigga shot
Know some young niggas spraying out drop tops
Finger on the stove, cooking hot rocks
On the flats looking like a hotspot
Turn the wifi off, you might give 12 the drop
What the fuck you mean, bitch I stay with Glocks
I know these niggas say they is, I know they not
I know these bitches think they is and no you not
Man you and your friends used to suck my cock
Now and you and your friends run around in my car
Don’t want to be a star
Just get the money, split it with my niggas
Me and Junior used to ride out
Now we heading straight to the saw

49 hundred niggas choppers
47 AKs and rockets
Man I’m living live from the 3
Mani I’m talking live from the 3
Shooting lights out from the three
Man I’m talking live from the 3

[Verse 2]
It’s straight offense, man it’s offense
We ain’t playing D, your offense
It get you so quick, so killed
Oh my god, oh my god, you was laminated
Shining damn, it’s fucking shining
Where is Johnny, dang?
Like Liu Keng, I’m floating when I kick it
And I don’t get specific
I’m over there, by the such and such
Moving with the what you call it
If you talking hit him with the

Live from the 3
Live from the 3
49 hundred block
49 hundred block
Live from the 3, OG Mac
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