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Get Down Lyrics

OG Maco – Get Down Lyrics

I have a few pressing questions about our human regression
Recessions, standardized testin', low wages and homeless veterans
Why niggas jump to aggression and why just wanna be victims?
When everyone is aware that it's niggas these niggas killin'
Why people who never hustled uplifted by dopeboy lyrics?
Why do lyrics steer the demeanor of most of our country's people?
And how our money supply can't exist to the naked eye?
Marijuana illegal but Newports'll make you die
Welcome to Scamerica, all you need is a tie
Why does bein' whatever whatever just sound like a lie?
Why our country so opposed to tyrants, the biggest one?
Why we scream peace so much but we carry the biggest gun?
Took a second for introspection and seen the lives we neglected
No change for starvin' kids but spend 20 racks on a necklace
And Muslim/Catholic protestors spend most of their time protestin'
Each other for minor details that's slightly very religious
They're creating hate and watch it grow like legions
Why do we pledge allegiance but soon as the think we're sneakin'
It's guilty 'til proven innocent so now they're gamblin' freedom
Fuck 'em, I don't think we need 'em

I tell my people get down
I tell my people get down
I said who like to party, fuck livin' in fear, yeah
I tell my people get down
I tell my people get down
I said who like to party, fuck livin' in fear, yeah

In the age of determination by denomination of destruction by the induction of ignorance, I ask you to get down with a cause ignorant of oppressive laws and knowledgable of apparent flaws. This world is ours so watch over for those still in strollers. Do not allow them to be fed hate like Stouffer's. For there's a promised land not yet seen except in dreams, and for that we fien and bleed and live and sin with the hope we might know freedom through more than our white friends. Forever yours, get down, my kin, get down
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