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Oh Lord Lyrics

OG Maco – Oh Lord Lyrics

[Intro: David Ruffin]
Im crying everyday, since you been gone
There's nothing I can say

[Hook: OG Maco]
Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Oh Lord, Oh Lord

[Verse: OG Maco]
Constant criticism for a hopeful nigga
Watch 'em try to kill your dreams, watch your soul wither
That little birdie got somebody, shot him over twiter
He was just about to blow, then he got popped
So now we lost the bigger picture, like it got cropped
Fuck a foot in the door, we can break locks
Bars like bullets in the Glock, labels get shot
I'm still popping, I'm dropping 'em like the beat nigga
Still in the game, got gold all on my cleats nigga
I hear these niggas, I hear em in disbelief nigga
'Cause everybody done copied, they sound like we nigga
A gorilla but an elephant in the room with it
And everybody and everybody's a part
Heads nodding and bodies but rocking to their album
I get that guala and pray about it and fucking count it
Thank you father and keep em coming and he surrounded

[Chorus: Ash Riser]
I'll be waiting at the end
'Cause you can't survive the kiss of death
I see the world, it turns
Wash our sins away
(Wash our sins away, good Lord)
Oh Lord, Oh Lord
Oh Lord, Oh Lord
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