Ayo, this is dedicated to all the ladies outta there,
So check that Shit, ight
Strictly for the ladies
Sometimes friendship is not enough
Verse 1:
It was a sunshine day playa beats out of my ride
Cruzin through the hood s*** ladies on my mind
To find a badass chick to spend this night in hotel
"Well dats a great idea" I said to myself
Through da smoke of my bl*** I noticed that babe
She was juicy as hell kind of chick I wont forget
Hey mama! Where you heading? Spend a minute with me
Tell ur name. It doesn't matter Here's my number. Call me
I don't see the ice cube on ya hand, so my question to you is
Where's ya man? The backseat of my car is wide enough
Test drive of your body is dope for both of us
I don't wanna hurt you lady there is no need to afraid
We need to spend more time together and you want the same shit, babe
I know you dig my rappin cuz I see you smiling
So I might get some action and let's make it happen
Look Look into my eyes you will see what you mean to me
I don't wanna hear your apologize don't care about my tears

So don't waste your time I need you now tonight
Whithout you my life is not right our love gonna start tonight

Verse 2:
Your life is a one false, your truth is always closed.
Sunshine only in your eyes, don't tell me, onle lie.
My sky is crying for you I know, you my babe bu
But I always think about you I forgive you, cuz I love you
When I saw you first time, my heart stop-stop, I feel high high.
But u're not paing attention? U're a bad boy I looked at you and get a joy
Money, cars, Women, clubs. What I think of you? Accept my fax
Money, cars, Women, clubs. What I think of you? Accept my fax
Verse 3:
When I saw her face I turned on an autopilot
My mind went wild even didn't want to fuck her
Aerodynamics like Concord fittin' hand like new colt
Makes me high like da bong turns my di** like king kong
The cutest face I saw the eyes are hypnotizing
I mesmerized by them and I don't see a horizon
She's not one of those who sells her pussy for dope
Any deed for her even to conquer da globe
- Are you out you mind
-I'm probably that's right
- She's not one of a kind
-I think I fall in love
- And what about her boobz
-Size of basketball hoops
- And what about her ass
-Oh that is fuckin' nasty
Her neck implies for a kiss, her hair shines as rims
Her legs like chocolate sweets, her lips cause nasty dreams
What you say don't matter shut you mouse is better
We'll be next Bony and Clyde any way I'm gone get her
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Friendship Is Not Enough Lyrics

NPlayaz – Friendship Is Not Enough Lyrics