If you lookin' for a swagga just look at me
Girls panties are wet when I walkin down the street
I'm in white T with jewelry got Dickies on my legs
Blueblockers are my shades got a fresh Nike pairs
I do not wear some colored stuff
My T is white If you don't like you can suck
I don't give a fuck what kind of brand I buy
I don't brag that my T costs hundreds of bucks
My style never change for 22 summers
Cuz I'm same as Ice cube neva been a motherfucker
My cheap outfit matches my face
And I know you hate it cuz I'm makin' money
You can keep hatin' me as long as you want
Still doin' hand job for my cd to be bought
I rock the mic when you suck the mic
Leave dat shit bitch cuz dats aint a lolly-pop
C'mon check out my swag
Party people behind my back
I feel high high high
When I rock your mind
[Verse 2:]:
Taste spells like T-A-S-T-E
Tnice spells like T-N-I-C-E
Yo Taste c'mon his hair cut short
Tnice first white lookin good in cornrows
This two white boys got a real swagga
Chilli pappers, hot as salsa Docktor pepa
Try mothefuckers to swallow dat
We slay all suckers who try to hate
And lay down law from state to state
I can buy all my outfit for hundred bucks
But I'm keep shinin in every block
I don't give a fuck how it's called
Yums or yems or Yims or Yams
Cuz my cap is New Era flat and sharp as a knife
It's has a one color representin my life
It's aint a colored shit It's a classic stuff
It's Chuck Tailors on my feet high top or low
And I'm neva change my Dickies to a bussines suit
It represents me the best, me and my crew
Dickies on my legs white sneakers on my feet
Streets by my side and T with the beat
Cuz our swag is not only about da outfit
It's our lyrics and all about beats
Low pants is not style Is the way of life
It help me to feel like an ancient warriaaaa
It's not a smart talk Is the place we came from
The history of our life the place where we were born
24" spinnin on my impala
While cruzin c'mon I will never say holla
Those who love us, everybody, we love you back
Those who hate us, motherfuckers, we slap you with a stack
Hook (x4):
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C'mon Check Out My Swagg Lyrics

NPlayaz – C'mon Check Out My Swagg Lyrics