As I wandered through darkest dale
A blood-red weeping victim of betrayal
Sighs all scars be gone the countess young
And then she died within my arms

I took a look and saw real doom
An old dark lock in the light of moon
Bathory of Ecsed, owner of estate
An old cruel bitch fraught with hate

A frisson thrilled my mind
A remote cry filled the sky
A trace of death – in the night
Fresh blood soaks this site

She was
Lizzy Bathory, mistress of doom
The Blood countess the shadow on the moon
She meant real harm for lass and femme
Exhausted them all 640 plus 10

A cry in the dark
A murder apart
A spawn of a morbid brain
Elizabeth is her name
A cry in the dark
A murder apart
A spawn of a morbid brain
Bathory is her name

All I know is blind greed
All I knew was pure greed
I’m unable to forgo
Taking bliss is all I know
50 years in the bloom of life
Godlike unshattered, I’m the light
My skin so frail, my eyes so clear
Yet a plague alike I spread the fear

In Blood – Remained – In Blood - Remained


All I want is time, gained out of blood
Come and hear my cue, I want you

The aroma of blood
A blood lake apart
It drives me insane
Elisabeth is my name

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In Blood Remained Lyrics

Nothgard – In Blood Remained Lyrics