Am I shadow or am I light
Dark wroth qualms ruin my mind
Bring I spate or bring I tide
Claws of Death – Claws of Life

I’m the twilight of bliss and rage
Blinding light in the realm of shades
Am I Apollon or am I Hades
Destroyer of gloom– Destroyer of faith

A hunch in my mind
Dark cravings
Before I become blind

Today I whet blades
To share bread the next day
Today I will fight
To guard tomorrow’s night
Twilight without light

Light I bring today
Burnish all stormy waves
The monsoon’s low tide
I am - I will lead and guide
Shades I bring today
Call wind and stormy waves
The tempest’s raw force
I am blizzard of the north

Tell me what I am
The raw force
Or salvation
A cold storm
Of destruction

How many souls I have choked
Drowned so lorn by words I spoke
Am I a layer or the dark crown
Claws of despair – Claws of hope

In a hall of mirrors I reside
Too mazed to see the way into light
The splinters of madness glare by night
Shivers of beauty – Of all fright

Dark cravings
Before I become blind

Today I whet my blades
To part my coat next day
Today I arm for fight
Twilight without light


Tell me what I am

Dry dew covers my skin
I close my eyes and fall asleep
Forget all thoughts within
For one short wink
Before the curtains fall
Twilight without light


Light I bring today
Light I lead astray
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Anima Lyrics

Nothgard – Anima Lyrics