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#Ltdbtd (Intro) Lyrics

No Malice – #Ltdbtd (Intro) Lyrics

My God
My God
My God

Who let these suckas in the game?
I must admit I find it kind of odd
How easily they sell dey' self for fame, like dey sold that cain
Yea, I know I sold the same but never sold my soul cause I would only 'have this world to gain
Mayne, I know bad business when I see it
Better be careful to whom you pledge your allegiance
Left the game 08 I was puttin in my grievance
The game still how I left it they coppin my re-releases
It's all to pieces a sad state of affairs
I feel sorry for the fans, I'm keeping you in my prayers
I stand before you knockin it seems nobody there
Im bringing love to the brothers, somebody has got to care
We dyin everywhere shed a tear when dem' bullets hit em'
I was in his ear, tried to tell em' wouldn't listen
Now his casket droppin', momma hoppin in it wit em'
He won't never good for nothin' but Lawd we sho gon miss em'
Kiss em' for the last time, rappin was my pastime
Reupgang tickled them keys like it was Ragtime
I still say we better than y'all by a landslide
But this time I got the Lord ain't no hands tied
Or pulled punches, no holds barred
They tried to tell me that there's no God
But I been bought wit' a price, I been brought back to life
And ain't but One who could of beared them scars, Jesus

"And wit that being said, Let The Dead Bury The Dead."
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