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Fake News Lyrics

No Malice – Fake News Lyrics

Ya should of been there when it doesn't keep ya
I'll deal money look upon they face was like, "Is he for real?"
Real as any dem scriptures you can quote
What made it real fact I had sno it when I was broke
I'm Rakim had to tell them, I ain't a joke
What it profit a man to gain the world yet lose his soul?
Lord knows I am fae feon innocent
But dare I feed my brother to the wolves then reap the benefits?
Only foe Whitey just to hit em with them sentences
Or that white tee just to leave em' in remembrance
Remember Pence told you it's a catch to it
Take my catalog I just as soon set a match to it
Money like a side chick, I ain't that attached to it
Ain't addin' up, I done did the math to it
Keep the zeros, give it to them weirdos
Even how they dress now, we would never wear those
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