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Vasectomy Lyrics

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – Vasectomy Lyrics

I'm a nasty negroid you can vomit in my mouth
And I'll wash it down with comet
Pull a condom out a pouch
Poke it
Hock a loogie on her booty propped up on da couch
Get her pregnant make my exit name the baby Troy Mclure

Ride in Eeyore to the ER and scream yeehaw as the baby drop
Doctor stands in shock his fingers splotchy with her gravy slop
Propped on the embilicle's a hoagie with some sauerkraut
I lowkey cut the power out then poof like Q loves afro out

The sandy in my handy bout to hungry hippo eat it up
Zippo out to heat it up
Baby momma screaming stop
Turn into a pterodactyl
Fly right through the sun
Get a wicked tan I'm very black I'm Wesley Snipes son

Halfway to the moon i dropped my food but i don't give a darn
Summon up some mongoloids to help me chop off both my arms
Then i kill em with my laser vision
Grill my limbs they taste delicious
Gather one eleven get some RC from the Unistore

Mix it with some pixie sticks to turn into my human form
A creature penile features has more peach fuzz than recalled before
Accidentally castrate myself tryna buzz these pubies off
Bleed a lot then pass out like a baby dream of booby soft

Throw up something hearty got more greener than a iguana pit
Throw myself a party just to celebrate that accomplishments
Get bored build a time machine
Get in set it to hyper speed
Go back to when my dads a teen
And give him a vasectomy

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