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NO DrOOl Lyrics

Nnamdi Ogbonnaya – NO DrOOl Lyrics

No more drool
Nah man fuck it
Fridge on the stove
I'mma burn through a hole ’til your whole click love it
Like clit rubbing
Act like it don't get you goin'
You’re just pawns
Check your heart
Whys it the size of an almond?
Why all your sighs in surround sound?
Nothing impresses your eyes now
No joy no hope no hype
You're so invested in infesting us
Your brand is bland unreasonable indifferent unseasoned and apathetic
Lethargic parasite
Sucking the sun of light
Never have fun its like

I'm so impatient with all the complaints
Wanna shove their face in shit
Nay say jump on the horse saddle quick
Maybe scoffin will soften your lips
Throat to charred from the Marlboro sips
You literally couldn't care less
You always look physically embarrassed
Never impressed with nothin
You're a drag
Pat yourself on the back with an axe
All black suck up the blood like you Drac
Tied up follow behind you're a drag
And you're wondering why you attract bland ass yunks with no ounce of pizazz
Mismatched clothes and I still feel immaculate
You let yourself wither tulip
You're a ---- You’re a ---- and butthole
Fuck your rebutal
You’re leg stubble tryna cuddle
You're boring annoying you should come with a warning
Oh man goddamn get a rag

Ain’t got chill I ain't got no chill nah
I'll always tell you how you how it feels
Ain't got chill I ain’t got no chill nah
Fuck your feelings drink it up

You say your not impressed
You don't gotta be
You drool just like the rest
So oh so sloppy
You apathetic mess
You're scattered laundry
No smiles just no's no yes
Can't fuck with Nnamdi

You bad for mental health
You'll never not be
You strain to get a look
Neck ichabod'ing
Ibufrofen on hook
No achy bodies
Keep up don't ask me 'bout the Jones's
I probably got it

I've got movement in my arsenal
Your the product of sucked arsenic
I feel youthful in my arsenal
You're not spitting on my heart today

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