The Strawberry Girl
Dead leaf falliing from a family tree. Drop in the ocean. Rock in the sea
In a long cold winter. She's falling asleep on a pillow of feathers
Wool of sheep
China moon on a cold winter night
When she's sleeping, the light is milk on her pillow
Gold-fish is swimming around in a bowl near the window
The curtain is moving slow. The wind is blowing
Strawberry girl takes me to her kitchen
Am I fish or bait
Paper straw in her soft skin. Sip her lemonade
Koala faces, thick grey fur. Pieces of snake skin. Millefleurs
In a long cold winter she's waking up on a pillow of feathers
Wool of sheep
Strawberry girl takes me to the river. We sit down in the breeze
Goose-flesh when she starts to shiver
Cover her with wool and listen to the wind in the leaves of a tree
She tells me she leaves me. I don't know where I am going
I'm just a black sheep. A falling leaf. A falling leaf from a family tree
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The Strawberry Girl Lyrics

Nits – The Strawberry Girl Lyrics