Walking with Maria
I am walking with Maria on a cold winter's day
I'm dressed in black second hand clothes
She's wearing a blue winter coat, C & A
The river is a stillborn child. Seagulls in a purple sky
We walk from the light into the darkness
Hands like ice. Feet like ice
I was walking with Maria on a warm summer's day
She was wearing her dress with the yellow flowers
Me in my blue jacket, C & A
The river was a new born child. Mother's milk and butterflies
We ran from the darkness into the light
Hand in hand to the swimming pool
I dreamed last night I was drowning but now I will swim
I won't be afraid
The river is a frozen sheet. An old man lying underneath
We walk from the light into the darkness
A million starts - one yellow moon. I will die - maybe soon
I won't be afraid
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Walking With Maria Lyrics

Nits – Walking With Maria Lyrics