Some people believe such stupid lies
How can you not see?
Studying the word every day
But you still manage to deceive
The masses feel good
Raised there, that's why they believe
Mass hypnosis, mystical charm
Stories that aren't real
Get off your high horse man
Step down and meet your maker
How can you say to the mentally retarded
That their pain is wrong
How can you say to the physically handicapped
That they can't glorify the Lord
Well you're wrong
Your idol worship is making me sick
I want to puke right in your face
How can you hurt someone
When it's not their fault
Then turn and blame them
Saying they have no faith
I think your definition of faith is wrong
And you've changed the word of God
You're the one who's handicapped
You're the one to blame
I rebuke you, repent, repent
Your disability to believe
Truth ails me
My God loves equally
Everyday we're dying
Next think you know I'll be dead
You're sick and you're wrong
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Sick And You're Wrong Lyrics

Ninety Pound Wuss – Sick And You're Wrong Lyrics