Was it worth it?
Did you ever think it was?
A waste of breath
Such vicious death
With words of intolerance
A strike against us
In your ignorance
What matters is you're here and now
Tomorrow will take care of itself
If tomorrow ever comes
So much planning in your head
Of things already dead
Whatever happened to rules 1 and 2?
Do you know what I say?
Can you hear me when I talk to you?
I wait in silence for the answers
Confused by what I feel
I refuse to give in
I'm not a part of your master plan
To twist corrupt and decay
Let's just convert the world you say
Change comes from insde to out
Redirect your attitude
And stop accusing me with
Senseless accusations
I refuse it
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Senseless Accusations Lyrics

Ninety Pound Wuss – Senseless Accusations Lyrics