Just the sound of the trade winds blowing
Waves rolling on the beach,
The fragrance from the Bougainvillea
Fills the air, smells so sweet...

Market fresh with friendly faces
Greeting tourists just in port
Natives bargain earn their living
Sell their goods from makeshift stores...

Palm trees sway to a reggae rhythm,
Dolphins playing just off shore...

Down here in the islands, Life's so simple under the sun,
Laid back and always smiling, the clock moves slow,
Nobody runs,

Hear the sounds of children laughing
Building castles in the sand
See the ships out on the horizon
Bringing folks from far off lands

Rum drinks in the afternoon,
Sun sets, romance rules,


A Sailboat silhouettes the harbor,
Skipping out across the bay
Guess it's time I should be going back...
Maybe I should stay.....


Words & Music By Nick Granato
© 2004 Song Harbor Music/BMI
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Down Here In The Islands Lyrics

Nick Granato – Down Here In The Islands Lyrics