What is love
Words & Music by Nick Granato
(V1) What is love...
I could try to describe it, but words don't do justice
I only know how it feels,
What is love... There isn't anything like it, nothing so trusting,
And you know when it's real...
Like a child to a mother, brother to brother
Lover to lover, the way we treat each other ... God...
[Chorus:] What is love...
What's with all this commotion?
It's just a simple emotion...everyone knows
What is love... It doesn't need definition, Laws or petitions
Can't we leave it alone? What is love...
(V2) What is love...
A human equation, a kind of elation
Nothing can erase
What is love... ones interpretation, divine revelation?
A beautiful place...
Like father to daughter, Sister to brother
Lover to lover, the way we treat each other... God...
[Bridge:] Love has many shades and sides, it plays so many parts
And love is not a mystery to solve; it's a matter of the heart
Let it go.... Can't we leave it alone!!! (break)
What is love... God's own creation, our hearts destination,
A spiritual quest... it's only a guess....
© 2006 Song Harbor Music/Bmi
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What Is Love Lyrics

Nick Granato – What Is Love Lyrics