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The Anthem Lyrics

Ng3 – The Anthem Lyrics

Now this is gonna take a little time to understand
I don't need your money and I do not need a man
And I don't need nobody try to tell me how to dress
What tha hell is this no I won't kiss you on the lips
You don't even know me like you really think you do
And I don't have the time to play this stupid game with you
Use to call me wipeout now I'm back up on my feet
Stronger than I ever thought that I could ever be

That's not the way it's gonna be
I don't wanna see you around me
I know
Calling out my name inside your sleep
Each and every day and every night and every week(x2)


This is for the women in the world like me
This is the dawn in darlin
Stand up if you really want it

If you got an are then you gotta have an E
Have a little S. P. E. C. T
Boy you gotta show me that you really want me

If you really love that woman stand down
Heaven ain't above heaven's here right now
Treat her like a lady not a merry go
Round round round round now

(Please correct the rest! I can't make it out from here)
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