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Tainted Love Lyrics

Ng3 – Tainted Love Lyrics

What you're looking at jag's on front an back
High heels on the gas, blow a kiss take it back
Rock's like superstars cartier put them up
Down town hit the club get ya glass fill it up
Pull a man get a rub use them up get enough
Home girls loosing get yourself a little fun
Let ya hair down girl it's all about you
If he's gone it's his loss get a new grew
Girl you've got you're whole life
So don't you waste your time on tainted love, tainted love
Come on and take that ride and
Don't you waste your time on tainted love, yeah tainted love
Excuse me, I'm not your mama
So I don't deal with the drama
If you want me then you'd better treat me proper
I know ya hear me but you're acting like you cannot
So I don't care where the doors nob ends up
See these are my keys, my jewels, my house
You had it all but you had to go and loose out
Next time remember when you messaround
There's a thin line between love and the streets
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