Another day, another dollar
Your nigga's home
Don't make me holler
Is anybody home?
Hmm, I guess not
Let's see what's on the hellavision

You like the food here?
Good, huh?
(It's alright)
Try the canolli, it's fabulous
(I'm kinda full, alright)
You gonna eat that meatball there?
You, you just gonna let it...
Maybe girl made some food out here
Here, give it 2 me
U're not gonna eat it
(At least not now)
Mmm, let's see what I can get up here 2 grease on
Mmm, yeah
Best meatball in the city
What are you doin' there?
Hmm, this might work
(Give it 2 me, I'll eat it)
Lemme see, mmm
So tell me, you like broads?
(They're alright, I...)
Boy, have I got a broad story 4 you
Yeah, some corn, yeah
Let's see, uh
I'm on a date with this broad, right?
Lets' see, stove top directions, uh
I bring her here
Yeah, right here
I thought I'd put some food in her belly
Empty contents into small sauce pan, hmm
You know, get a little curve in her slope
You know what I'm sayin?
Now let me go see if I can find one of these muthafuckers, hmm
(Oh, gosh)
So I'm like "Go ahead toots, order what U like, it's on me"
Make her think I'm a big shot, you know
I said "So order, order somethin' 4 me 2
I'm gonna run 2 the little boys room
Hmm, shit, that definitely ain't no sauce pan
I gotta burp the baby
Mmm, that ain't no sauce pan
You know what I'm sayin'? "
I figured she'd order me somethin' light
Let me see if I can find this shit
Like a couple of salads or somethin'
Boy, was that a mistake
I comes back from the bathroom
Alright, got it, got it
I'm sittin' there
Ah, that's cool
Waitin' 4 the food
Now, if I can just get this corn open
This broad ordered the whole left side of the menu!
Ok, let's see
Said she just wanted 2 nibble
Where's the damn can opener? Shit!
Nibble my ass
I'll open this muthafucker
I'm hungry!
This broad ate every fuckin' thing except the silverware
Shit ain't openin'
(Come on)
I kid you not
{phone rings}
Shit's gonna open now
I mean, she was a little on the thick side 2 begin with
Alright, I got it, mmm hmm
You know what I mean?
But I figured she'd have the decency 2 pig out when she got home
(Hey brother, what's up?)
Not here, right?
I mean you, you ever had a broad do that?
Ain't nothin' but a wang
(No, not really)
Fuckin' pisses you off, am I right?
My girl's gone somewhere
Right, so I reaches over
I... I'm just cookin'
I took the fuckin' mashed potatoes and I threw 'em all over that broad
Hey, hey, what's this?
(Now wait a minute)
That ain't all though, check this out
Hmm, let me call you back
The waiter sees what just happened
What the...
He's gonna be Mr. Macho, right
He comes over and says
"What U do that 4?"
"I'm sick of the changes U put me through?"
(And you said?)
I said "What the fuck business is it of yours?
I'm payin' 4 these fuckin' potatoes
"All U think about is music?"
I'll do what the fuck I wanna do with'em!
Now bring me a fuckin' finger bowl! "
"I'm leavin' your NBA no ballin' ass?"
(What happened?)
What happened?
I'll tell you what happened
Ain't that a bitch?
Here, gimme some of that meatball
(Hey, hey, I was gonna eat that)
This punk waiter, he think he's the hero type, right
He throws the finger bowl on my head
I kid you not
I'm sittin' there, head soakin' wet
Mashed potatoes in my finger nails
And this broad's crackin' up
(Ha ha ha ha)
I kid you not
She's rollin' on the carpet, people...
Gimme some water there
(Hey, hey, get...)
People leavin' the restaurant
She's laughin' so hard potatoes are flyin' off her head
(you got mad?)
Damn right I was mad!
I said, "Very funny"
(Well, it is kinda funny)
And I left her fuckin' ass right there
Rollin' in those fuckin' mashed potatoes
And I left this joint with out payin' a dime
(Well, what are you eatin' here now 4 I mean?)
That's the killer!
I was so mad I bought this joint
(But the girl...)
Fuckin' right
(What happened 2 her, man?)
That's her over there, workin' the fuckin' cash register
(Naw, her?)
You gonna eat this?
(That's the mashed potato girl?)
Here, gimme this bread
(She's, she's great, what do you mean?)
Is this the best bread in the city or what?
What the fuck's your problem?
(Look at her, she's, she's gorgeous)
You eat like a fuckin' parakeet
I'm still hungry
You hungry?
(Naw, naw)
Naw, you not hungry
You want some bird seed or somethin'?
Look here, order me somethin'!
(Man, shut up now)
I'm gonna run 2 the little boys room
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Mashed Potato Girl Intro Lyrics

New Power Generation (N.P.G.) – Mashed Potato Girl Intro Lyrics