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Don't Lyrics

Nerdee – Don't Lyrics

"I'm like a child that holds every breath she can take
Though she cannot speak she sees things
I' like the air that makes you feel cold when you're sleeping
You're sure someone's standing next to you
I'm like a place that you have been searching your whole life
Unlike the road that brings you there
I know you can't see how much I have been suffering
But your like a thought that mixed up my head
I've been sitting in my cage all alone all this time
I wonder if I'll be free
I've been looking for a way out of here for some time
And still I am
Don't save me, don't blame me
I don't care if you're crying babe
You don't understand, I know who I am
But you're lost inside yourself
If no-one is an enemy there are just friends
If everyone's a friend there's no strangers
If you have nothing to say just be silent
It's better to be silent than regret what you say"
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