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Cup Of Coffee Lyrics

Nerdee – Cup Of Coffee Lyrics

I make my self a cup of coffee,
I miss the lippalm marks on the coffee mugs.
Every day this feeling's stronger,
I want you even more than yesterday.
I miss you, I want to make you smile,
I wish that you could feel like I do,
When we are together.
Erased a message on my cellphone,
So I could have more room for one of yours.
Sometimes I watch you when you're talking,
I cannot hear a word but I smile inside.
I think of you, every single day,
I have a feeling that I might love you,
Now there's a thought for you.
All it took was just one phonecall,
And all the hope I had in my heart was gone.
No more dreams about the future,
I read between the lines,
You won't be there.
I cry alone, I wonder if you know,
My heart is torn but still it beats for you.
Now this just isn't fair.
I'll dye my hair, if it suits you better,
Send you flowers, romantic letter,
Change my style and lose some weight,
If you could want me more.
I'll leave my friends, and change my opinions.
Change religion or remain christian,
Tattoo your name across my face,
Just to make you mine.
I will always agree with you,
Unless you don't want me to.
Rub your toes and make you dinner
If that could change your mind.
Plastic surgery and piercing,
Rob a bank and grow myself wings,
Only thing I can't change is how I feel for you.
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