[I verse]
As easy as if better of the hardest things in life
That you will face, you will fight
To live in full and to survive
Festive feeling just for a moment
Starry sky will come so bright
Out of nowhere you bring the spark

So I will wait for a change
The longer the time I seek
Changing when you get to mold me
So I will lean to this, not on own when I walk

I may say, I may say
I can do all things, I can do all things
Through Christ
I may say, I may say
I can overcome, I can overcome through Christ

[II verse]
Temptations steal it all devotion
When things are not
Drawn to the path of all deficiency in consistency

[Another line to be con.]

[II Refrain]
Even I don’t understand everything
Still you I choose to make it through
So I won’t be the same anymore
Because I know you have loved me at my darkest
And I will live in belief that you
The more I know the more I became new


Strengthens this heart so it won’t break easily
Easily oh no it won’t break
It won’t break
It won’t break
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Through Christ Lyrics

Neil Taculod – Through Christ Lyrics