First time I saw you, you’re all alone
With tears drown in your eyes to fall
So I lead you to have some drink
And have some talk

I tried to reach you out of me
Sometimes I felt like you never see
Of all the things I have for you

Should I have to know it?
Searching for the moment
Looking for clues and hint every minute
Questions like has never ended over my head
Unless you tell me or
Leave me here all things unsaid

Or should I have to listen?
They said I have to give in
Cause everything that all is done overrated
But still I used to love you
The way I really find you
Hoping someday you’ll see me
The way like I do

You walk by the waters all along
As if in the place that there’s no hope
but by my umbrella to tease you out no more

Somehow I’m asking what’s going on
I never done this like before
And right now I’m tired of guessing what is yours?


I’m going crazy thinking about you girl
Not because of what I wanted to know
I admit I can’t explain it, how much I care for you girl
This time you already know mine
But should I have to know your side?
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Overrated Lyrics

Neil Taculod – Overrated Lyrics