Hazel thorns touched my skin
Shots of pleasure buried deep within

Searching for the master of the fire-train

Swimming in the sea of lost faces
Drowning in the pool of nothing
Drink the purple rain
Come in my domain now

Empty eyes mock my pain
Sunday sermons proved to be all in vain

Getting close to the matriarch of loss
Purple acid raindrops burning human crops
Devious confessions pulling every string
Muted merry voices sing

Please god save me
Please god save me now
Master bless me
I'll submit right now

Speak oh master how you kill a soul
The chains that bind you here are grim and foul
I beg you master won't you let me go
Immortal bodies need young souls to feast on

-I am damned
I am damned
-Look for the wisdom machine. It is your only chance for choice...
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Sea Of Lost Faces Lyrics

Need – Sea Of Lost Faces Lyrics