I wonder if it's true what they say
In the books of Job for the dead
Rotten flesh, so what's next? Elysium is it there?
Or is it all just a deceit?

Am I damned? Will I ever be able to go
Back where I came from?
Tell me someone is it meant to be so cruel now?
Solemn thoughts are misused

At last it falls, the grey curtain for my soul
And I feel that I've been deceived
The light of my life is dim
Full of lies that will make me bleed

The last time I cried
For innocence unspoiled
I felt that she had to die

Dancing lights in my head driving me insane
Don't tell me what I should believe
Drawn before me the sins that haunt me
A naughty parade of guilt

It was a boring day like the others
When my body was stripped of my soul
The flesh was sore and the mind was twisted
When they decided that I should pay the toll
As I walk through these forsaken lands
Where soulless people are sold
All I have is in my empty hands
And I'm left all alone and cold
I wonder if there's a god or a demon devoid of faith
To tell me what did I do to join the denmad?
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Denmad Lyrics

Need – Denmad Lyrics