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Long Lost Son Lyrics

My Starving Lion – Long Lost Son Lyrics

I walk this empty road
So much unknown
I've given up pretending
I'm anyone but this long lost son
I walk alone

This pain is killing me
My dreams undone
My heart is breaking in me
I'm giving up on this long lost love
But no one knows

Fly away into the sky
Spread these broken wings and fly
The chilly night connects to me
For every star and in between
And pulls me high, This star inside

So good bye, for tonight
This ending or goodnight
I see now, I bled out
I gave up, and gave out
This sunshine, in my mind
In it slight, I am blind
It's all out, and complete
In my heart I am me
It is light

I give until I bleed
I get despair
I want to know It's worth it
All alone on this long lost road
I'm on my own

Call Out and see the things that I have done
Call out and see my face
Stretch out and move enjoy the empty space
Stretch out and touch my face

Break from everyone
This solidtude is all we want
I give my heart to you in love
And know the war is all but won
You hold me high into the sun
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