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Delirium Lyrics

My Starving Lion – Delirium Lyrics

I can't explain, what this pain
In my head has done to me
It's insanity

Eh, eh

I can't hide
It's inside
This crowded mind


Would you believe I'm not all there
Would you believe or even care
It's so surreal just how I feel
This mania, it just won't heal

But the doctor said, "I'd be okay"
"It's just my head", That's what he said
This pain is real, It wears me raw
But the ringing in my head won't stop


I do believe I'll cut my hair (girl talking)
I'll wear a wig, or leave it bare
You'll still ignore my cries for help
Pretend I'm fine, In fact I'm well

I've settled in to my new room
It's painted white, without a view
I guess I'll go pretend to care
To get me out of this stupid cell


Tie me down
Haul me away
Just don't tell
That you're to blame
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