Do you hear me when I cry out?
Do you see me in my darkest hour?

And as I passed through the years
Joy become tainted with sorrow
So dark, the way
I could no longer follow
Where doubt and fear reside
Killing dreams, casting beauty aside
Can you reach me?
Through these walls that I hide behind

I could feel you in the stillness
And your morning lit my darkest hour

And I need you
Must I carry this weight forever?
Have I grieved you?
Have I severed my hope forever?

As we fall through the void of our broken dreams
Crying out to the only one left to hear
When the weight of our burdens, becomes too great
Can we lift up our eyes, I believe that it's not too late

And as we wish for hope that transcends the vanity of men
Deep down - inside, we yearn to begin again
Leave your fears behind
Cast your sorrow aside
Come close to me
As the walls fall away as the gates open wide
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Severed Lyrics

My Silent Wake – Severed Lyrics