Shedding my old skin
Looking down, deep within
Falling, fading, all is changing
There is no normality

I can feel, I can taste
Everything laid to waste

Marching backwards through the years
Facing long forgotten fears
Yearning, searching for a reason
What is my identity?

It all lies in ruins
The world that I once knew
I'm searching the wreckage
Just to find a grain of truth

All of us shadows of our former selves
Must still receive some illumination
Frustration, confusion, set me free
I walk through the shadows, of my sorrow
And fall down to my knees
Oh Lord, please comfort me

Marching backwards through the past
Facing all my fears at last
Lost within the creeping shadows
Twisted, charred remains have cast
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Burning Lyrics

My Silent Wake – Burning Lyrics