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Lifted Lyrics

Mr. Lucci – Lifted Lyrics

[Mr. Lucci]
See recongize my niggaz we pullin triggas & knockin em off
when a nigga talkin the south
44's steady droppin em off
we makin sho that we aint takin no loss
and for them niggaz who keep on comin across
they cant fade wit a nigga I pause
the ass and leg arm and head
I rush a nigga like a swarm of fed pencil whoopin til my palms is red
place bombs in beds the bitch niggaz who gone be scared
fuck the dumb shit I'm gone numb shit
in some red rum shit
wit my crook niggaz
all these niggaz talkin nonsense while my drum click is unconcious
for now own many functions
when I get the punchin stopmin wigsplit slug hittin
in a rythum I aint spittin and I aint quittin betta get the gettin
cuz I aint kiddin
im heatin like a mitten in every thing I'm dealin
im sendin a message to hoes everytime the hoes come you get it crooked
you fuckin with a crook who be off the hook
and I dont believe you dont wanna watch me cook
now gone take a look and freeze
yeah I'm the nigga that cheese
all up on the streets
where you be I be in a matter of three lookin for beef
blazin a b while I'm holdin my peeps
you betta call the priest
that I done siezed the lease
99 percent of each head nigga I reach
when I sweep my d deep
knockin out teeth
for releasing the beat
now gone keep me off the leash
i make everybody say please including the police
I dropped my hinnisee you find it up on the beach
been gone for four weeks dont wake him up he sleep
another mystery performed by lucci

Chorus 2x:
Nigga we stay lifted
all yal niggaz in the bitch betta run from us
nigga we stay twisted
all yal niggaz in the bitch wit them guns that bust
you nigga cant hold us
all yal niggaz in the bitch betta duck and hide
crook niggaz throw bouldas
all yal niggaz in the bitch who love to ride

[Mr. Pookie]
this goes out to all my hoes knockin down doors
nigga tried to fade a crook came up short
playa let that be a lesson to you and a blessin to you
don't you ever try that shit no mo
and restrain your ho because I refused the bitch
you betta come again and I'm gone smooth the tip
guess you nigga gotta get used to this
comin around finna smother you niggaz
like a fat bam boos ya bitch you all new to this
now tell me what the hell was the front for
matta fact I dont give a got damn fuck you
and the punk ass label that you out for
you nigga never get a rap quote
less known tryin test your minds with a crook playa right here
test to find we the greatest out here
close your mind we buckin niggaz in the ear
playa we stay lifted leavin you nigga this
and tryin to match a sound with us
crook playas stay twisted laughin at niggaz
while blazin pounds of that purple stuff
they cant perb enuff ????? and we bout to bust
and let loose like a angry nut
so what you claim what I be the nigga
with the banging touch see yall nigga
cant hang with us in such a waitin
I make a nigga lay it down with a bolda spray
got em duckin and dodgin tryin to find their way
and the rest of you niggaz be duckin the kay
aint no up in my face yal know I take offense to talk
yal know you really pissin me off
you think youre big and all
but ur mind full of ????

Chorus 2x

Yal betta leave em alone
before I get up in your dome and leave a motha fucka dead
hit em with the touch of death
and make a motha fucka loose their breath
now im gone in the wind work a damn 635
with my hand on the 45 pistol wood bumpin in the back smoke another sack
as I'm ready to attack with a hand grenade and try to blow out your back
yall niggaz cant fuck with us we the ones
who is dangerous we the ones with the platinum touch
we the niggaz who aint scared to bust
so when the stones get set label us victorious
when I run up on your block yal niggaz betta run
death and destruction bustin with the gun
play stone crook till the world blew up dont give a fuck
if you want some come get some
I'm gone shoot til I kill ride til I die smoke another blunt cuz
I gotta get high beat a nigga down in the parkin lot
we too pass th glock before they call the cops
from the ones that will make you hot
from the bottom to the top put your body in a phase
from a crooked ass nigga who aint scared to bust
and put a bullet in your got damn face
I'm gone burn the place u gone get the gasoline
burn everything into smitherines
cuz I gotta get away with the pistol play and your hoes
better hope I dont come you way I'm gone bash the place
retalliated with a mind disgrace
step if you dont wanna die take another look
because you might get shook if you aint ready to bust

Chorus 2x
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