[Mr. Lil One]
Well it's the baddest mothafucka in the clok it's the mad men
Fuck what you claim and bicth you know my name
Mr. Lil One the little one the baddest of them all
The cleaver mothafucka with the shank and the pod score
And you better belive that I'm packin a gat
And I'm ready to cap any hood any home any dome
Mothfucka now it's on and he want to battle and put an end to my life
But get with my bullet and drop any thoughts of a man tryin to get wise
Livin up in disguise, you stupid mothafucka you're wanted by my eyes
See you're shot and been murder and layin next to a curb
For trying to be brave ridin him off in a hearse
Hit em where it hurts and fatal turn for the worst
You're fightin em off in the battle
And you didn't want to meet any part of a devil
But you lost and you failed and I'm stomping on your last nail
I told you, I warned you, your family will morn your
So you hading comin with the mouth you were runnin
You knew death would call you the day the devil saw you
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Once In A Decade Lyrics

Mr. Lil One – Once In A Decade Lyrics