Rtist: Mr. Lil One
Album: No Condolences
Song: No Condolences

[Mr. Lil One]
Now a toast to the ghost that be frozen
Posin smile, how you like me now? You've been chosen
To be the first in a hearse, that I kick a verse to
Sit and reminse while you wonder how I cursed you
Black magic, then you hear me laugh
You're headed for a ditch that be full of witch craft
And then I kicked the truth, I know the truth hurts you
My lady's at the pad reading books on how to curse you
And I be the boss of the land of the lost
Bringin hell to that mothafucka nailed to the cross
Lost, never could you find me, behind me
Nothin but the past, take a glance to remind me
What the naked truth is, show you what a fluke is
Mothafuckas be wanna knowin if Lil One know where the truths is
Never, been a man of peace and never will be
Best to find the lord if you ever said you'd kill me

Comin from the darkside fires in the sky
No Condonlences givin when you die
Comin from the darkside flames in the sky
No Condonlences givin when you die

[Mr. Lil One]
I've been sinnin ever since the beginnin
Known for the wars and these morgues that I've been in
Step wit the static your death is automatic
You at it, on the neighborhood you got tatted
Glad it's only gonna take me a nickel
To fill you with lead til I see your blood trickle
The Sicko, what you might call me, you saw me
But you keep quiet, you heard about the roits
The evilest lyricst comin to diss all of you
Death wanna kiss, remince and then follows you
Rap Devil, still got the bow and arrow
Now I got a shovel, your hoes get us in trouble
Hopin that you're ready but you live your life petty
A knife to your belly then you get thrown like confetti
Freddy said it right, tonight be the night
But you run from the fight, it's fatal when I strike
I'm headed where your church is, burnin down your hearses
Once you get the curse, unable to reverse
No I won't blast, cause I got me a mask like Zorro
Get that ass shanked like a torro


[Mr. Lil One]
You take a breath slowly, right before I show you
Exactly where it is in my palm that I hold you
I told you, time and time again it's a shame
When you're six and you're weak, all you keep is your name
I remain to be the syko, stalkin wit the riffle
Never could escape me, you love it cause you hate me
Evil like the exorcist come and get next to this
Murderous muderin, what you never heard of him
Me myself and I, know it when you die
Expect no respect, and expect no one to cry
Could of been your momma, she got caught up in your drama
And now you're all alone with that hole up in your dome
Funny how this mothafuckas that your run with
And always gettin sprung with, and even run your tongue with
The first to abandonned, leave that ass stranded
A dose of reality is what your fate handed

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No Condolences Lyrics

Mr. Lil One – No Condolences Lyrics