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Painting The Night Unreal Lyrics

Motorpsycho – Painting The Night Unreal Lyrics

Painting the night unreal
Out-glossing neon, selling s**-appeal
Cheaper thrills and instant visions
Dreams that men will steal

Barge in on softer shoes
Putting stickers on the darker hues
Carnivores in pink polyester
Dig that L. A. Ruse

Those family ties, those brainless insulting big lies
That bald-eagle seal, so that we know it isn't real

Initiate and commence countdown
There's a new sheriff in town
Paint the night in your favourite shade
Before the colours all fade, the thrills all decay
Untill there is nothing but mediocrity on display

Keep it contained and still
Put some meaning in those sugared pills
Let them dream their sweet psychosis
Syndicate their thrills

The greatest scam, the soft white underbelly of uncle sam
The stench and the pain you can never contain
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