Sonic teenage Guinevere, sunbeam-scenequeen
Loves her dollhouse livin
Armani-armoured silver-stallion saints
Flock around their prize
High flying producer Day-child trembling
Spahn-ranch rain-king dancing
And the wheel turns
For the Manchild is arissen

Omnipothead, killer-god
On the bus, that buzz
To never, never, never-ever land
Too much runny paint to make sense,
Too honest liars to eye
Lancelot is choking on the rosemary
Only looking back & back & back
Back to where the babies blood paint doors;
Teenage Guinevere is no more

You can't kill me, I'm already dead
You can't catch me, I've already fled
You can't free me, I'm already free
And I'll change your destiny.
Trust in me-
I'll change your destiny!

Sonic teenage Guinevere (x4
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S.T.G. Lyrics

Motorpsycho – S.T.G. Lyrics